About Us


Macadams Baking System Nigeria Limited is a firm with a very proud indigenous background. Starting with humble beginnings as a division of PANAT Nigeria Limited in 1998, Macadams Baking System Nigeria Limited commenced full operations in Nigeria with the franchise right to distribute and maintain all Baking equipments and accessories produced by Macadams Baking Systems South Africa in 2002. This fruitful partnership has translated into Macadams Baking System Nigeria Ltd dominating the baking and confectionary market with a 75% market as the last quarter of 2007.

We pride ourselves in offering:
         -World innovative standards and practices in our line of business,
         -Continuous customer attention and satisfaction,
         -Flexibility and To – specification regarding the manufacture of ovens and equipments
         -Remaining one of the top producers of bakery equipment in the world.

And to help us achieve this we have:
          A complete machine range to equip bakeries of any size, including doughnuts fryers, bread           slicers, mixers, pastry sheeters, dividers and moulders,
          Highly trained staff able to offer assistance in all aspect of the bakery industry including bakery           size, product mix, daily production and equipment requirements,
          A name synonymous with quality and service and a nationwide distribution network.

Macadams Baking System Nigeria Ltd a name synonymous with innovation and qualitative standards moves forward with confidence, entrenching ourselves as leaders in a demanding industry in Nigeria where we are able to ensure that you stay abreast of the latest trends in technological innovations.